What is Android Instant App

What is Android Instant App ? Why should you Upgrade your Android app with Android Instant App

What if there is a way for your android native app or web app can be accessed quickly and quicker to launch and make it available on all versions of the Android OS without needing even to be installed . Moreover , you no need to reversion the entire source code of your app.

Android Instant App is a smaller subsets of your app that allow single pages or features of your app to be downloaded and accessed when it is demanded or needed , without installation. But the android instant app is yet getting to roll out .

What is Instant App and how it works ?

Android instant app is an update you can make to the existing android app . In google words make it possible for the people to access a wider range of app.

Imagine that you want to know the latest project in the freelance website like upwork sitting at a train station , you will use your android phone go to chrome and search for the information .

Android Instant app facilitates you to easily access the information than the web apps .

Creating Instant App allows your customers with many other UX benefits :

Using a native app without requiring installation : It is useful for the users to access them with a single click on URL just as like clicking the link of a webpage . They’re like subsets of your app modules of specific parts of your app that can be downloaded and accessed on demand. They just don't require an installation.

It helps you to install and download app quickly : While using an instant android app you can download with just a click . It decreases number of taps it would take for a user to get to a certain place in your app whether to make a purchase or landing on a specific page within your app.

·     Deep links will direct users to your app—not your mobile site.
Instant app give the same experience as the app but without having to  install . This is because the Instant App version of your app is modularized. Whatever “page” in your app user trying to reach will be a module that Google can download on fly and serve up to  user so this is why  it’s quick and easy. 
·     Update your existing app  instead of creating  a new
         Android developer could update your app to instant App functionality as
        quick as possible. As it is the same Android APIs , same project ,same
         source code.
·     Instant Apps are supported by more operating systems.

·     Google says that Instant App functionality will make your app accessible  for users with previous versions of android OS . Android app often  compromise between the  cost and reward of maintaining multiple versions of your app, but  Instant Apps build serves  you in a broader range  of accessibility. The  only thing it demand is to install a Google play service.

What does it take to update to Instant App functionality?

As mentioned above, it’s pretty simple to update an existing app’s source code with instant App easily :

1. Modularize the components of your app in Android Studio.  When your source code is segmented  , when user requests Google is  able to download that particular component app on the fly. For an app like Amazon, modules would be pages like  a login page, item Details page, or the  checkout page. If a user clicks a search link or download link to a  specific Instant App page, that specific  module of code gets  downloaded and served up instantly.

2. Run two versions of APK. The installable APK will run as usual and the instant version will be the one Google identifies as an Instant App.

3. Add an installation option. Add an  “INSTALL” call-to-action at the top of the Instant App screen such that users will be able to download the Instant App . 


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