Five Reasons why your business need a Mobile Application Development

Five Reasons why your business need a MobileApplication Development

Apps are used as a Promotional tool :

It is a well known fact that a well designed responsive website alone can bring more revenue to the business. It helps business to hit sale of the product or service. While it is an essential tool to increase your business online . But offering mobile app is often a quicker and easier way to shop and interact with your brand .

A statistical analysis tell that 30% of the customers to your business are originating through mobile app.

Not only does the app does increase your business sale but can give your customers with more options . With an eye-catching icon exclusively for the business can bring lot of potential customers in wider to your business. Bright and bold icon may not help your customers to download but helps to grab attention .

You can reach better online :

With mobile app your business reach will be greater and higher . Your customers are your credible growth. It enhance your business to out reach globally in an effective way .

Multichannel marketing is a better option for the business . Customers looking through the catalogue using mobile phone place the order online via your business app .

OutPerform your Competitors :

While increasing your business you must not miss out your competitors. You must furnish your customers with more options than your competitors.

Having said that you can consider the following essential things to be considered.

A fluid UX with simple navigation : This feature makes the customer to find add to basket button or checkout page.

A streamlined checkout experience : This feature enables all the process from login to payment in a step by step process.

Multiple payment gateways : Provide your users with multiple universal payment option .

Push notifications and messages : Allow promotional offers & discounts by enabling push notification feature.

Brand continuity : Brand logo or icon with appropriate color , bold and brightness steps forth to continuous brand development.

Customer referral functionality : Give your customers with incentive to refer their friends to your business.

Customer Loyalty functionality : Give your customers many gifts and rewards to gain trust with your product or service.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty :

It is easy to retain your customers than acquiring new customers . With mobile application it has become easy to build customer loyalty by enabling loyal functionalities features to the mobile app . You can include some of the features like rewards and discounts , gift cards , integrating mobile payment wallets , secured environment .

Though allowing these features is quite difficult for the medium sized business , achieving with great effort can help your business to gain trust . This will make your business a hassle free experience and comfortable secured transaction .

Additional Revenue System :

To increase the potential business sale , you could use push notification in the mobile app to give an offers , rewards & discount intimation to your customers . Promotional offers often enhance the conversions .

The introduction of geo-location based service has now supported the business to send promotional offer based on their locations.


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