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Google Training 2 million developers in India
With its vision to make India as a global center of high-quality mobile application developers, Google is working on an mobile app Skilling program for android devlopment in India which aims training for young android developmententhusiasts to make a bi-million android mobile app developers. By making multiple startup co across for training partners and universities, Google is trying to make world-class Android Developer education accessible to millions of students and developers.
Learn Android development skills in college

Google is making new classroom-based training course to provide Android app developmentskills to next generation at universities in India.
This course is designed especially for those who are pursueing their final year computer science students, which will help students via building app as they develop the skills that are required to get an entry-level job as an Android developer. After completing the course and bu…
Google Play’s Family Library rolling out this July Ecphasis infotech is one of the best website designing company in chennai.We offer services like web designing,seo services,software development,software development,software testing.We are experts in these services.We have young and talented professionals for these each and individual services.

The new update for Google’s new Family Library feature was supposed to start to use by July 2, it seems to be a slow process, as there are no reports yet of it being available on a large. The google help pages and the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement have already been updated to adapt this change, but the actual appearance of it on the Google Play Store is still in waiting, at least from what we’re seeing on our end.

Origin of this concept
Google announced this update at its google's I/O conference that allows up to six family members who will be able to share apps that have been purchased on the Google Play Store. So if yo…