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What is Android Instant App

What is Android Instant App ? Why should you Upgrade your Android app with Android Instant App
What if there is a way for your android native app or web app can be accessed quickly and quicker to launch and make it available on all versions of the Android OS without needing even to be installed . Moreover , you no need to reversion the entire source code of your app.

Android Instant App is a smaller subsets of your app that allow single pages or features of your app to be downloaded and accessed when it is demanded or needed , without installation. But the android instant app is yet getting to roll out .
What is Instant App and how it works ?
Android instant app is an update you can make to the existing android app . In google words make it possible for the people to access a wider range of app.
Imagine that you want to know the latest project in the freelance website like upwork sitting at a train station , you will use your android phone go to chrome and search for the information .


How to track customers flow for your mobile app

Almost 95% of users are from the mobile device or mobile app . Mobile app is an effective communication between the business and consumer and it can boost the bottomline of the company. There is a link between the application and the customer . More engaging an app you develop , the more customers spend on the purchase.
To earn a topmost profit , every organisation is making use of mobile app . Right from the online shopping to generating business leads to entertainment we use smartphone. Apart from gaming Industry which is already been seamlessly showing a potential growth , now every small to mid-level industries are looking for dedicated app to accelerate sales or brand promotion.
For certain business mobile app is used to drive sales for ex: A retail business . Gaming mobile app emphasize on top downloading or No.1 app in the app store.
The most demandable applications among customers are those, which have interactive features. Purchase behavior is tracked by researchers through incr…

App trends that you should focus on in 2017


Enterprise Mobile Application : The next Future Prospects for App Marketing Strategy

Increasing use of smartphone has made all enterprise or business from various divisions to have a Mobile Application for promotion as well as to generate business revenues .
In latest times mobile application development has seen a tremendous growth and to carrying the same pace of development in the future also . Present or future definitely mobile app is going to a stable growth in the era of mobile app technology.
Today , there are thousands of enterprise mobile application is being launched in the app store . Some of the enterprise related mobile application include operations management system, automated billing systems, real-time customer support, mobile app marketing, apps for scheduled messaging, emailing and much more.
So , the app for the enterprise is advancing each passing day , providing a optimize business solution for enhancing business productivity.
Enterprise application have enable business to generate valuable leads by precisely investing in the mobile app which yield a…