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Best Website designing company near vadapalani in chennai-Ecphasis infotech

"Genius=99% of precipitation and 1% of inspiration"


Ecphasis infotech is  a website designing company in chennai.It offers complete software,website,mobile application,digitalmarketing services and its associated services.With experience of 13+ years,dedicated and sincere effort,we earned the trust of our customers by naming us as the best website designing company in chennai.


The best website development company in chennai is Ecphasis infotech.We here offer complete and dedicated services to our customer.We here offer complete  and satisfactory results to our customers. Thats why we earned the name and the people recognise us best website designing company.our name has become a brand name in the service of website designing company.

With our experience and profound knowledge,we have ultimate solutions for all your website queries.We here offer these cutting-edge service to our customers located in and around the surroundings of t…

E-commerce website development company near vadapalani in chennai


Ecphasis infotech is a reputed,recognised and a renouned company in chennai.Located at the heart of the chennai city at vadapalani. It offer customer satisfactory services of E-commerce website development,mobile application development and Digital marketing.we are a complete  IT and ITES service provider company in and around chennai.With experience of a decade,we are a major role player in IT and ITES solution provider.

Ecommerce website development:
The best ecommerce website development company is Ecphasis infotech.Here we offer complete  IT and ITES services for the companies in and around chennai suburbs.We are the leading IT and ITES  service provider.With smart and natty designs we have been classified as the best website service provider in chennai.our name is transformed into a brand name.we are specialized in the art of ecommerce website development.
Our team has the unique blend of youth and experienced who are capable of handling individual projects in their ow…

Digital marketing in chennai


Ecphasis infotech is a reputed,recognised and a renouned company in chennai.Located at the heart of the chennai city at vadapalani. It offer customer satisfactory services of E-commerce website development,mobile application development and Digital marketing.we are a complete  IT and ITES service provider company in and around chennai.With experience of a decade,we are a major role player in IT and ITES solution provider.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is a term which includes Search engine optimization,search engine marketing,social media optimization and all other digital medium to promote your service.we offer all the activities that are associated with complete digital marketing services to promote your business. We are associated with many project with many corporate giants and mid and small business owners for all sectors of business.
We have all the infrastruture set-up and resources to promote your business via digital medium.We offer unique,suitable and custo…

Digital Marketing | Digital promotion near vadapalani in chennai

Ecphasis infotech is a reputed,recognised and renowned digital marketing service provider in chennai.With an experience of an decade, we provide complete website services and its promotions.We our offer best service to all our clients.

Digital marketing:

Digital Marketing is a useful weapon in your business war between your competitors.To have an edge over your competitors we offer digital marketing.With digital marketing we can create increase your sales,improve the Brand awareness,promotion of your product and improve your websites ranking.

We have a team of professional experts to handle all our marketing queries.We offer complete digital marketing services like E-mail marketing,SMS marketing,SEO ,SMO,SEM and paid campaigns.

one of our clients AV Expo approached us for digital marketing service.We did our best for the promotion of annual expo event at chennai trade centre.Chief guest  for the event was ace musician MR.SANTHOSH NARAYANAN, who was the musician of block…

Mobile responsive website designing company near vadapalani in chennai

Ecphasis infotech is the best mobile responsive website provider in chennai.The company located at the heart of the chennai city,Vadapalani.With its experience in the arena of website designing services,is renowned and respected company in and around the urban chennai.

Mobile responsive website Designing:

As the sales of mobile phones is increased every year,It is the order of the day to have your website,mobile compatible.A mobile responsive website will have a competitive edge over your competitor.Through a mobile responsive site we can  reach million of people.It is an easy way to reach your customers through mobile

We have a young,well trained,highly trianed and talented professional experts for all your website queries and services to your website.We also offer promotion services too,like SEM,SMO,SEO and PPC services in chennai.

For enquiry,

Happy birthday world wide web

The Web Foundation blends with powerful advocacy,cutting-edge research and practical innovations to build a better world wide Web for all. Working in partnership with over 200+ organisations, we reach have a reach in 70 countries, affecting over billions of people. In the past two years,we have changed policies and practices for the better in 10+ countries, and we have helped hundreds of people of Web users everywhere to have their voices heard. We focused in human rights online: We are working to expand access to the Web for more than 60% of the planet who are still not connected yet. We are fighting to ensure that everyone’s voices to be heard online, and our services serve the Web users,not governments or corporations. We are innovating to make knowledge and data freely accessible to all online. Our team<

Android beats IPhone's smart phone market

Android is a opensource mobile operating system developed by Google engineers, based on the Linux kernel and designed for touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android's user interface is primarily focussed on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions, such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along with a virtual keyboard for text input.

Android beats iphone's market share:
World's most favourite Brand of smartphones  Apple’s iPhones  sales declined for the first time ever last 3 months everyone in Apple has been down  ever since, from the media and investors. What’s more, iPhone 7 leaks have revealed that Apple’s upcoming smartphone for 2016 will feature a design that’s largely to be same as the company’s current iPhone models. Apple’s situation certainly isn’t as dark as some are making rumours out to be, but there’s little question that things are trending downward ph…

Multiple user accounts-Instagram

is application in which we post videos.The videos that you like to share with your friends.Before this update there was restriction to use one email  for a person's account.But after this update,we can use multiple accounts
Instagram official Announcement:
today has officially announced that it would support for mutliple accounts. After a slow roll out for multiple users, users are now would able to add up to 5 different Instagram accounts and fast response in switch between them all. Multiple account support has been added in the Instagram’s 7.15 version for iOS.

If a user would like to have multiple Instagram accounts,they can do so by going to the new options page, and select ‘Add Account’ at the end. Once added,a user can switch between the various accounts by selecting the username at top of the screen and select the other account they wish to use.

The way Instagram handles notifications for multiple accounts is a little different which indicates …


Google Training 2 million developers in India
With its vision to make India as a global center of high-quality mobile application developers, Google is working on an mobile app Skilling program for android devlopment in India which aims training for young android developmententhusiasts to make a bi-million android mobile app developers. By making multiple startup co across for training partners and universities, Google is trying to make world-class Android Developer education accessible to millions of students and developers.
Learn Android development skills in college

Google is making new classroom-based training course to provide Android app developmentskills to next generation at universities in India.
This course is designed especially for those who are pursueing their final year computer science students, which will help students via building app as they develop the skills that are required to get an entry-level job as an Android developer. After completing the course and bu…
Google Play’s Family Library rolling out this July Ecphasis infotech is one of the best website designing company in chennai.We offer services like web designing,seo services,software development,software development,software testing.We are experts in these services.We have young and talented professionals for these each and individual services.

The new update for Google’s new Family Library feature was supposed to start to use by July 2, it seems to be a slow process, as there are no reports yet of it being available on a large. The google help pages and the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement have already been updated to adapt this change, but the actual appearance of it on the Google Play Store is still in waiting, at least from what we’re seeing on our end.

Origin of this concept
Google announced this update at its google's I/O conference that allows up to six family members who will be able to share apps that have been purchased on the Google Play Store. So if yo…

Messina's bot-inventer of hashtag

Introduction: Chris Messina, software developer who is the experience lead at Uber and inventor of the hashtag, said back in January that the year 2016 is “the year of conversational commerce.” Today, he’s launching his own automated personal assistant chatbot, called MessinaBot.
Messinabot-Messina's personal PA:
Messina Bot responds to the people who are messaging Messina on Facebook and can make appointment on his behalf. It lets you to see his most recent blog posts and his review on Product Hunt, tells you about his upcoming events where he’ll be speaking, shows his recent podcasts and blog articles, and presents Messina’s favorite recipes. Users can also ask to speak directly with Messina.
He said that he thinks, there’s an element of discovery, in addition to the things that he is interested in that you’re not going to get just by sending me an email Messina told  in  an interview. Ethan Sutin and Esther Crawford, formerly the marketing lead at Stride Labs, built a MessinaBot,…

Facebook launched new page layout

Web designing company in chennai:
We are Ecphasis infotech.We have expertised the game of web designing company in chennai.Here we offer complete IT  & ITES services.We are one of the reputed and recognised company in and around chennai.We started our business of website designing company in chennai by  keeping our objective as customer friendly,still offer our service as custoemer friendly.Here we offer services like facebook page promotion,improve your traffic and likes
Updated Page timeline design
An awesome layout,I was awestruck with your the new facebook design.It's good and i highly useful for business owners like me.The new updates are in facebook are listed below.

Right side column of facebook:
The right-side column of our timeline will displays all our Page’s posts. This column will display all of our posts will appear consistently on your Page and in News Feed.

Left side column of facebook:
The left-side column of your timeline features information about our busine…

IOS Mobile application development

Latest of iPhone 7 Concept  – Parachute System For Drop Protection
It’s clear that the concept designer that the designer paid attention to redesigning the basic features of the phone. This concept is made particularly for the parachute system feature, rather than to show a completely new look of the next generation Apple phone. The design and size of the phone remains same. All that’s changed is internally.
According to the designer’s concept, iPhone’s orientation, speed and proximity sensor can work together to detect when the phone is about to hit an object. These built-in features can then trigger an internal alarm when the phone is just about to hit the floor, and can instantly signal the CO2 tank – installed internally in the phone – to operate.
Upon receiving alert from the sensors, the c02 tank can release it’s gas to nozzles located on all four sides of the phone. Which would result in controlling the phone from hitting the floor with impact, minimizing speed of the …

Android app development company in chennai

Introducing-Google's nearby:

Google's play store has more than a million+ mobile applications.Many of which are created for a particular situation.The right things to meet emergency situations will be a great help that google can do you.Making it as one of the important and essential android app to have.

For example,one has went to a new  place.But the trip was not a good one because one of his friend has met with an accident and you want to know the nearby hospital.At this moment google Nearby's usage comes handy.

Nearby feature-Just tap:

To use Nearby feature,just turn on your android phone's Bluetooth facility and Location, and google's   will show you a notification about available things around you. Once you’ve accepted and tapping on a notification takes you straight into the intended things. If you're not interested, just tap it away which  gives google, a clear signal.

Nearby has started came out to users as part of the upcoming Google Play Services release …

IT & ITES services in chennai

Ecphasis infotech is a well reputed company in chennai.It offers the best services in IT & ITESservices.It has gained the wide reputation through its quality services and earned the reputation as top IT & ITES service provider.It consists of young,talented and sophisticated teams for your service.Ecphasis infotech has a experience of 12+ years.

Software development service:

We have hope in true engineering and re-engineering.we have software engineer expertise in .Net, Java, J2EE and databases such as Oracle, SQL and other latest software technologies. Its always been learning and having the exposure to upcoming technologies developing globally. Ecphasis is all set to take challenging task in ample domains and accomplish it.

Digital Marketing service:

Digital marketing is about promotion of your website which is similar to a game of chess.With our webmaster attacking google for ranking and google counter attacking to make quality websites getting high ranks.Its a hug…

What is an APK file?

What is an APK File?
Just like Windows (PC) systems use an .exe file for installing software, Android does the same. Android Operating system supports .apk file.

Why would I want to install an APK File? An APK file is a Android Application Package.It allows you to bypass carriers to get the latest Google updates, which can take a a frustrating amount of time to arrive via an over-the-air update from your network. And if your Android device lacks access to the Google Play Store, APK files may be your only option for installing apps on your device. 

How to install an APK file?

There are many sources of APK files through out the web, but be sure to choose a site you trust. Some APK files may contain malicious software (malware) which could compromise your android mobiles safety and security. It is best to be cautious before downloading or installing any app from outside of the Play Store. Generally speaking, APK files found on sites like APK Mirror should be safer to download than from elsewh…

Ecphasis infotech-Sales team

The sales team is the heart and sole of the company Ecphasis infotech which daily pumps money in and out of the company Ecphasis infotech.It comprises young and dynamic team members.This young and dynamic team is headed by Mr.Karthick,Who has 14+  years of work experience in the field sales and marketing.The team manager is Mr.Mohan raja who has experience around 7+ years of experience who is a innovative person.

GOOGLE'S LATEST PATENT COULD STOP YOU SEEING SPOILERS..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................Sometimes you only need be a single episode behind or a few hours late to the final score for it to feel like the whole internet is against you. You avoid messages from friends at the match and make sure not to look at Twitter when you're stuck on the bus during Bake Off, only to squint at your computer screen through a chink in your fingers to discover some "friend" has made a still from the Breaking Bad finale their Facebook cover photo (yes, this actually happened to us). Social media has ruined many a sports game, Netflix series and Apprentice finale. But what if it didn't have to be this way? Google may be on the verge of a solution. It has just been awarded a patent that outlines a system f…