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is application in which we post videos.The videos that you like to share with your friends.Before this update there was restriction to use one email  for a person's account.But after this update,we can use multiple accounts
Instagram official Announcement:
today has officially announced that it would support for mutliple accounts. After a slow roll out for multiple users, users are now would able to add up to 5 different Instagram accounts and fast response in switch between them all. Multiple account support has been added in the Instagram’s 7.15 version for iOS.

If a user would like to have multiple Instagram accounts,they can do so by going to the new options page, and select ‘Add Account’ at the end. Once added,a user can switch between the various accounts by selecting the username at top of the screen and select the other account they wish to use.

The way Instagram handles notifications for multiple accounts is a little different which indicates that the notifications “depends on when you last logged in and the number of devices that switched in to an account”. From our understanding, this could indicate that users would not receive all push notifications for all of your accounts, which may help converse battery life on a user’s device.

    Starting this week, you can login simultanously between multiple accounts! 🎉
    Learn more:    — Instagram (@instagram)

With the addition of multiple login accounts, third-party Instagram applications may have a harder time competing this attractive features and the risk of user data harvesting may be decreased.Find more information on multiple accounts usage in Instagram’s official Help Center.

It appears, this feature is still rolling out to users and that Instagram may have to enable on their end before the ‘Add Account’ option is seen.
Instagram is available for free from the App Stores and is compatible with iPhones running iOS 7.0 or higher.

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