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The next update of iOS : iOS11 updates

Apple have recently conferenced its latest update in WWDC 2017. Apple announced the updates of iOS11 featuring its more capability ranging from new photo updates to Maps Integrations. Their new updates are set to roll out in the end of this year.

Redesigned App Store :
Redesigned App Store giving a new way of experience in finding the new apps. Apple have added Today Tabfeatures that helps to feed the new apps to the customers on daily basis. To make it easy for the product selling via app , a new product page with subtitles is embarked that helps to add three auto-play videos.
The new design also includes the tab at the bottom of the screen that helps user to filter apps and games. The new way of app store make it easy for the developers to perform a phased roll-out app instead of releasing once in a time.
Apple says the new App Store on your mobile devices is ‘designed for discovery’ and is a way to make app downloading exciting again.
Augmented Reality:
ARkit is giving a new way of insig…

What is Local SEO and Why is local SEO is important for Your Business ?

What is Local SEO and Why is local SEO is important for Your Business ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is a technique that fectch your website to the top of the Search  Engine Result Page (SERP) .   For Every business SEO is important , to increase visibilty , traffic , to your website and that to  build your brand promotion and  effectively reach viral in the internet or online . To further enhance your business in search engine Local search is very important .

A New Way of Search by integrating Google Lens with Google Assistance & Google homes

Google I/O is expecting to launch google lens very soon making a new way for the search , If a Google had a tagline it would be like looking for a new venture with google lens , Google assistance , google homes with the rise of the Machine Learning(ML). Google I/O is taking an aggressive push to fully move from a Mobile First world to AI - first world changing the way we use google and our devices to look at the things around us. At present google is keen on providing users with more option while searching for a specific thing . Google doesn't want to be not only the browsers to find something wants to be within reach whenever we have a question, whether or not we’re even looking at a screen. Already google assistant and google home is doing these things but google want to make it easy in phones and apps in order to make it accessible anywhere. The new AI push will use cameras , calendars and favourite apps to deliver the search information where and when we need it , even if we does…


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