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Booming Mobile Application Technology uses Augment Reality & Virtual Reality

Augment Reality and Virtual Reality

Today the world is completely bounded by Mobiles & other digital gadgets. Mobile phones or smartphones has become an essential requirement for carrying out any complex task in easy & simple manner.  The realm of Mobile Application development relies on the two major features Augment Reality & Virtual Reality.

Are Augment Reality & Virtual Reality same or different?
Both Augment Reality & Virtual Reality appears to be similar but in depth analysis, they both are completely different. Augmented reality is defined as "an enhanced version of the reality created by the use of technology to add digital information on an image of something." Augmented Reality brings a real world experience in front of you.  AR is used for crafting an app used in smartphones and tablets. AR is used in apps to render the real world insights in front of our eyes. For example with AR technology, you can see the shark popping out of your business card…