Booming Mobile Application Technology uses Augment Reality & Virtual Reality

Augment Reality and Virtual Reality

Today the world is completely bounded by Mobiles & other digital gadgets. Mobile phones or smartphones has become an essential requirement for carrying out any complex task in easy & simple manner.  The realm of Mobile Application development relies on the two major features Augment Reality & Virtual Reality.

Are Augment Reality & Virtual Reality same or different?

Both Augment Reality & Virtual Reality appears to be similar but in depth analysis, they both are completely different. Augmented reality is defined as "an enhanced version of the reality created by the use of technology to add digital information on an image of something." Augmented Reality brings a real world experience in front of you.  AR is used for crafting an app used in smartphones and tablets. AR is used in apps to render the real world insights in front of our eyes. For example with AR technology, you can see the shark popping out of your business card.

Virtual Reality creates a simulated environment which seems to be an imaginary thing. It can be like making the virtual thing into a real one.  Virtual reality (VR) may be artificial, such as an animated scene, or an actual place that has been photographed and included in a virtual reality app. VR immerses the people into the simulated environment that they feel like they are really present in that virtual environment completely shutting down the real environment by simulating their vision & hearing.  From the same above example with virtual reality, you can swim along with the shark where as in the case of augmented reality you can see the shark swimming in sea or popping out of the sea.
As Mobile Application is an ever booming technology in present and in future, AR and VR will play a vital role in the upcoming years.  Ten years back it was just a mouth of talk about AR and VR. In today's world of vibrant growth of mobile application development, where human life is circulated with moblie devices & smartphones, companies have started implementing this VR & AR while developing mobile Apps.

On what factors AR and VR are to be similar?

Augment Reality and Virtual Reality both are similar in the way they compete with each other to give a rich and enhanced user experience. They both will play a major in the science and medical field. Already these two are used in healing psychological problems and furthermore remote surgery could be possible. It is most prominently used for entertainment purpose.

Can AR & VR Work Together?

Augment Reality & Virtual Reality, if work together could generate an immersing experience. For instance, haptic feedback-which is the vibration and sensation added to interaction with graphics is considered an augmentation. However, it is commonly used within a virtual reality setting in order to make the experience more lifelike through touch experience.

AR and VR can be both used together or independently . In both the case user has immersing experience and could connect to the real world through AR & VR in mobile apps.

Which is more used AR or VR?

More than Virtual Reality, augmented reality is ahead of virtual reality, as there are several products already on the market. Many companies have already started witnessing the rise of AR hardware from Google in the form of Glass & wearable computing. On the matter of VR, the technology is just stepping up to the plate. Though VR is also paramount important but certainly needs time as it completely relies on the animated thing rather than reality. We believe both AR and VR will succeed; however, AR might have more commercial success though, because it does not completely take people out of the real world.


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