How to track customers flow for your mobile app

Almost 95% of users are from the mobile device or mobile app . Mobile app is an effective communication between the business and consumer and it can boost the bottomline of the company. There is a link between the application and the customer . More engaging an app you develop , the more customers spend on the purchase.

To earn a topmost profit , every organisation is making use of mobile app . Right from the online shopping to generating business leads to entertainment we use smartphone. Apart from gaming Industry which is already been seamlessly showing a potential growth , now every small to mid-level industries are looking for dedicated app to accelerate sales or brand promotion.

For certain business mobile app is used to drive sales for ex: A retail business . Gaming mobile app emphasize on top downloading or No.1 app in the app store.

The most demandable applications among customers are those, which have interactive features. Purchase behavior is tracked by researchers through increase of reward points , demographics , location etc.

App Analytic Tools :

Understanding the analytics using various analytic tools . Simply by integrating the analytic tools with the app , you can track the user flow with all necessary factors.

Either you can officially integrate your own official analytic tool with the app or you can purchase third-party analytic tool.

Some metrics track in-depth analysis about your users and others include engagement time of the user , demographics , location etc.

Some of the metrics you can track with the analytical app :

·      Number of downloads

·      App usage

·      Lifetime value of the user

·      Retention rate

·      Average active users (MAU and DAU)

·      Session length  

·      Average revenue per user

·      User experience and traction

In-App Feedback :

Gathering the feedback from customer is important and it marks the value of the customer . It interacts with your app's customers at personal level. Leveraging your app for one-one customer feedback will encourage your business. Instead of publicly exposing the feedback of the customer , you can follow one-one tracking feedback Procedure.

Reviews and Ratings :

App store reviews and ratings allows the developers to know the customer feedback about your app . Their review and ratings allows you to fix any issue and solve them immediately. How earlier you fix the problem and communicate with your customers with the solution to the problem , the better your relationship becomes.

Session Tracking :

Session tracking can allow you to improve UI/UX functionality . How long user stays with your app decides the flexibility of the app. If the user stays less session with your app may be due to a bug.Whatever the issue, session tracking can help you uncover it.

To get to a deeper level user tack flow for different pages and sections of your app.

Some of the metrics related to the session tracking includes:

·      Average session length

·      Frequency of sessions

·      Bounce rate of various pages

·      Activity per sessions

Customer Demographics:

Demographics includes location , age , gender etc. Through demographics of user data you can track user flow and their in-app engagement . Using the app user statistics you know which group of users are more using the app . Generally young people are using the app than the age groups above 50. When it comes to driving loyal customers and promising them the offers , coupons , incentive s, the demographic statistics helps you to track the user in an efficient manner.

Customer Sentiment:

Tracking the customer sentiment a vital role in tracking the app's customer relation . This allows to track emotional feedback from the customers . Perspective of the customer towards the app can easily be understand by tracing their feeling .
At the final stage of the app certainly we ask for the customer feedback . This is why it is equally, if not more, important to measure and evaluate the emotional reactions and responses of the customers.


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