App trends that you should focus on in 2017

App trends that you should focus on in 2017

Now mobile app is seamlessly growing and accelerating the business revenue .Mobile application are seeing fascinating growth that it is the main driver of accelerating digital transformation in all businesses . A survey taken on the state of the art of Mobile application technology reflected a lot of response .
But in particular everyone identified the unrelenting speed of change of Mobile Application development .

As the application play an important role in the digital business developers are constantly emphasizing on the changing trend of the mobile apps. We are in a much better position to take a look at the year ahead and map out which app development trends are set to dominate in 2017:

Following are the three major trends that should never be missed out :

Expectations from business are accelerating :

In today's trend we have left out completely use of manual and paper based processes. Users are more keen on accessing the information via smartphones the expectation are increasing for the business from nook and corner. Businesses that are using the updated technology will sure going to hit top .

As a result, those that lag behind serve as a great disappointment to the growing community of customers, employees, and partners already beginning to live and work in an hyperactive world.

App security – Major Factor to focus on:

Still many apps fall short of a keeping security and privacy to the users. As a result users are vulnerable to the data interception attack and malware that is generated by vulnerable code. Moreover the end user convenience is increased over security. Right now , one of the most potential consequences is compromised security.

Our extensive knowledge and proven expertise translate into a comprehensive understanding of hostilities in the mobile threat environment and a suite of scalable solutions to address evolving mobile application security challenges.

App with less coding implementation :

An increasing number of mobile app , there is no doubt that app will be created with less code. Now it is easy for the business to build a complex app for the enterprise. The release of new outsystem has proven low code development is capable of accelerating the development and deployment of advanced mobile applications in a precise manner which previously required extensive hand-coding.

To drive the digital business the emerging trends should be carefully keep in track by the business people in the current and upcoming year.

The spotlight will shine on AMP like technology

The AMP like technology is a type of technology that is implemented in the mobile app to increase loading speed on mobile. If you are on a google search you might have noticed AMP pages at the the top of the search engine. While you must focus on implementing AMP technology , there is another technology also should be considered as progressive web apps . This technology makes the mobile app to feel and look like app.


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