Surprising E commerce Website Trends in 2017

E commerce Website

The world of Ecommerce is fastly growing at a very fast pace. No matter if your business is small or big, make sure you prepare a winning ecommerce marketing strategy to stay afloat in the cut-throat competition. It involves retaining existing customer and regain new customers. New trends are frequently emerging, so one need to be adapting to the new change.

User has so many options to search an information. They can use smartphones , computer , internet and many choices . So every business go with the changing trend .

Social Marketing is continuing to grow rapidly:

After you own a Ecommerce website , put forth your brand presence on social media . Your business is incomplete without socializing. The prominent platform for you reach your potential customer globally is social media .

You can use Face book Live Videos to showcase your products features .Even announce an upcoming event to your targeted web audience to get their attention at a first sight or you can organise a contest , enabling call to action . These are some of the ways you could use it for branding. Moreover , you could use your own creative ideas to always keep in touch with the trend and to not lose your valuable customers.

Streamlined Product Return Policy:
You can allow product return policy option for the customers. In this way you can gain trust from your customers. If a customer is unsatisfied with the product, using this option they can return purchased product and replace with another one. The trend of product return policy has been gaining a lot of popularity among web business owners and it increases the trust amongst the customers. By this way you are comforting user with relief and feel secured to connect with your business.

Establishing a Secured Platform:
Many user hesitate to buy a product online because of privacy and security concerns. Modernized technologies has perks and disadvantages. So to make all those users come to your web destination, providing a secured platform yields your business with large number of customers thus increase volume of business online . If you ensure that your E-shop is completely safe for online shopping, it will offer a secure and positive shopping experience to all shoppers.

Keep in touch with the customers :
You can convert your disengaging customer in to engaging customer with proactively calling customers to indulge with your business updates , events and press release.
 You can achieve this by:
Offering valuable content, solutions to problems and blog mentions to encourage interactions.
Sending updates via email or newsletter.
Engaging customers through social media.
Offering a one-of-a-kind user experience.
Investing in ad campaigns.

Mobile shopping has not seen tremendous growth than the positive response from computer . To increase mobile users for your business, showcase the business presence on mobile platform too. This means e-store must work hard to convince their audiences to shop on mobile.  So what you could do to encourage mobile purchase :

    Mobile friendly Website
    Easy Mobile Wallet Integration
    Enhance Security and Privacy

Voice Searches :

Now , large volume of users make their searches through voice search . To not miss out those users , load your Ecommercewebsite with better working to voice search . Optimize better to show up yourwebsite at the top in search engine.


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