Tips on how to Reduce iPhone App Size :

Internal storage in iphone is a hectic and quite tough for the iphone users . Iphone app assembles lot of caches in the internal memory this is the reason you may always get a notification that the Storage is full , No more space to store !! .

Full storage notification pop ups almost every 10 times or while storing any image , video , music . So , every time you need to clear the cache to load any new item into the iphone device . This must be taken care while developing a iphone app.

Almost 4GB of the space is used already by the IOS , you need more space for adding other features in iphone device like documents , music , video etc . If you are using a 16Gb space of iphone device , it may be tough to accommodate all the attributes then a space constraint problem .

Sometimes you may have to delete the some high storage consuming app. This issues if taken good care at the iphone development process .
As a result iphone users needn't compromise the storage space.
Sometimes you have to delete the some high storage consuming app.

Below are some tips that you could follow during the iphone App development.

1. App Thinning :

The fragmenting of code into series of code for an iOS app is termed as app thinning.

This will enhance the developers to fragment the code into segments and allowing more space for the other attributes . Thinning app can be developed by segmenting the code . Memory and space should is also optimized with App thinning.

Any IOS app built with this functionality not only make the app to perform faster but also to respond quickly to the user. Moreover this functionality utilize the space and allows the audience to accommodate more number of features without getting the popup message ''storage space is full '' . iOS 9 can leverage more features without the code segmentation , but you can also make use of this functionality.

Asset slicing is another alternative method for app thinning. This allows the distribution of several variants of iOS app with in the storage space by reducing the load space. It provides a scalable and compatible solution for the targeted devices.

2. BitCode

Compiling code at time of representation is known as the bit code. Bit code can directly link the iphone app to the store. Reduced code size helps the iphone users to add on more features into the iphone device.

3. On demand Resource

Apple emphasize and focus on the On demand resources , as it separates the contents hosted on the app store from the related app bundle that you download . On-demand resources are uploaded by TestFlight or your own web server.

This resource separation or segmentation refers to a process where the assets float to the user whenever required without having to use all at once.

iOS app developers can assign a tag to each esource while building the app. Whenever there is a need of further assets, the tag is identified and utilized.

App size is one of the major criteria for the best utilization of storage space of the iphone device . Likewise , there is also other factors that developers must oversee carefully for better iphone development.


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