How to get your App featured in the App Store while surviving with iOS11 Updates

At present, there are about 2 Million App being stored in the App Store Today. To get more visibility for an App in the App store among this Million of Apps and get noticed by the editor is heavy. There is no specific way to get your app featured on the App store but you can follow some tactics to it for getting it featured. Apple makes the featured option in the App store because it earns billion dollars through it. For this purpose Apple have redesigned its app store. In the latest version of the App store, menu bar has been featured. Some recent update in the iOS11 App, featured content will be organised by the editor in today, game and apps tab along with the featured stories in the App will be curated by the editor.

Some methods you can follow to get your App featured while surviving iOS 11 update

Before you launch or submit the Mobile app to the app store you must check whether the App works great in all aspects. So, here are some features that you can certainly consider to get the app featured in the App Store.

Simple and Better Functionality:  Make sure your app works picture perfect before it becomes used by the users. An intuitive, simple navigation and design with zero complex functionality will make your App get in the featured listings by the Apple.

Native Apps is best for iOS:  Native Apps provides a better experience. You should focus on iOS development and build native apps. The app that is build supporting the iOS devices will serve best and easy for your app to get featured in the App store as fast as possible. Native apps will give best user experience. With hybrid Apps, user find it typical to navigate with as it supports also the other platforms.

Pitch to Apple Curator: App store curator receives millions of App reviews every day. They will feature the App that has unique content. Craft a convincing product information and then pitch to the App curator. When you pitch the information to the Apple curator you can share it via formalized messaging system at App which is accessible via AppleID.

Promoting Apple Products:  Apple always gives first priority to its products. To get your app featured in the App Store, you must follow its product updates and develop it according to the latest release of Apple's product. For example, if Apple is promoting an API, you could build a product that leverage this new API. Also if you promote Apple product, Apple will credibly promote your product. Further, you can make your App available to the Apple products such as iPad, Apple Watch and more. Promote your app to other Apple products only when it make it sense. If your app doesn't need to be visible in Apple watch then you not have to waste your time in promoting it. In such case, if necessary you can extend it to WatchOS.

Keep Updated: In the fast-growing technology, everyone needs to get updated. Likewise seeing for the new product release, iOS updates we must keep our app updated with the trending Apple updates & upgrades,

Intuitive Icon: The great icon with creative & innovative design will attract the users. Obviously, the app will be most preferred by the user and that automatically makes Apple feature your App in the App Store. An icon demonstrates what your App does.

Get High Ratings for App: Customer feedback is one that will tell better about your app to another user and that it automatically pulls more and more other potential users to download the app and share their valuable experience with the App. Safe if you maintain 4.5 Rating or Higher.

App Store Optimization: To get your App featured in the App store you can optimize the app within the App store by adding main keywords in the Title and description. When user search within the App Store your App get more visibility and popular. Not only increase in the visibility but also get notified by Apple Editors inturn, the App will get featured in the App Store.

Creating lots of Buzz: Create lots of credentials to the App by sharing it with emails contacts and via social media sites. Get your App get published in the top tech publications. This will again boost your credibility and increases the chance of notified by the Apple  Editors.

Leverage App Store Page: The App store page where your App gets stored and will provide the information about the product to the user. The product information stored in the App must demonstrate all attributes and purpose of the App. This will leverage your app and get notified in the Apple Editor when the information is crisp.

Consideration to keep in mind for featuring in App store:

The following are some of the consideration you must check through the App. 

ü  Uniqueness
ü  Better User Experience
ü  Creative Design
ü  Simple functionality
ü  How the app solve problems for the user
ü  Does your App support the latest hardware and software update by Apple e.g. Apple watch,  watch OS, 3D touch
ü  Efficient & quality user interface
ü  Variations of Marketing Assets

Finally, if your App gets featured in the App Store then it is easy for the striking visuals to the featured banner.  Once the App get featured you know how many downloads you have got before and after the App is featured. Always retain your potential customers even after the app is featured.

Closing thoughts:

Though there is no specific methods or definite method to get your App featured. Following the above simple procedures, you can get notified as a featured App.

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