How secured are Mobile Payments – Things to be known about Security features

In today's modern world, where our activities are conveniently done with rapid development in the technology. Gone are the days where we did manually our daily activities. Hand-written emails have gone out of the style, we have got speedier and more effective emails and text messages. Now we don't use typewriters, we have got modernised gadgets like smartphones, computer, laptops. Using hand cash for the payment is almost getting reduced. Now, banks have become smarter and making convenient for users to pay cash for a wide range of services they are opting through online while they are on the go. No waiting in line at bank counters. Business owners and entrepreneurs are now introducing mobile payment service making it convenient for users.

Mobile payments have become viral among the people because they can conveniently make online purchase and payment through online. Since users are conveniently preferring to make online purchase, to increase the purchase sale, more and more businesses are preferring mobile payments and billing notification through mobile itself.
What are all the types of Mobile Payment Systems and What are their uses

Mobile Wallet: This system will allow you to make payment for the goods and services purchased like same as you make payment via credit cards. To make a purchase through mobile wallet intially you register an account and add funds to the account. Then make payment via the funds.

In-App-Purchases: With In-App mobile payment options you can efficiently pay by entering the credit card number and download the additional features of the App instead of going to the payment center. For instance a music, movie, game mobile App to get full access to all features and whenever you want you can download songs, games and movies once you make payment by entering your credit card number and after the successful payments.

SMS-Payment: SMS- Payment is a payment made through text messages from your mobile devices. With this type of payment user can easily make the payment via SMS(text messages). The cost is usually added in your phone bill or online wallet. Once the payment is made by the user, merchant releases the goods ordered. This type of payment is useful incase of purchasing online and making payment at the time of delivery of the goods.

NFC-Payment: In NFC-payment is made through the use of NFC technology. With NFC, the merchant or store-owner have the NFC detecting device. After purchasing good, the customer could make payment for the purchased good by simply taping the device with the NFC detecting device. This type of purchase option is efficient, only when the vendor is equipped with the NFC detecting device. Similarly QR- Code options detect the bar code and then make payment once after bar code gets detected and go valid.

Are Mobile Payments are secured?

With the rapid development in the technology, many people are preferring to purchase products via online and transacting money through mobile phones since its tremendous growth. While transacting money online we are more concerned with the security exploits. To get more alerts with these security issues and keeping aware of these security concern we must keep track of the Mobile security issues 

Here are some security concerns with the Mobile Payment that you should lookout for:

Legitimate Apps can be cloned to trap user identification:

The application you are installing in your phone may not be genuine. While submitting the app in the App store developer have to submit with agreeing to some security concerns. The malicious people and hacker will clone the original app and allow it to get downloaded for the users. Once after the clone app is installed the  virus gets automatically stored in the mobile and malicious people do data breaches of your authentic data. There are also a lot of ransomware out there that will hold people’s data hostage until the victim pays up. So, do be very careful. To avoid this type of legitimate app cloning we must ensure of downloading app from the verified developers.  Read through the comments and reviews before hitting the download button.
Does every smartphones are secure?

The Older model smartphones are much prone to the security concerns. Fraudulent individuals know this very well and might intrude the legal data. For this reason check your OS is updated with anti-virus apps to restrict the malicious attack & intruders attack.

Fraudulent may find many ways to exhibit the data breaches activities:

Hackers are always clever and find some way to get what they want. So, we must be careful while making online transaction and aware of the suspicous attacks and hacking. Generating Pop-up ads and traping the user to click the pop-up ads and making them trouble once they click through the popup ads. 

Security breaches can happen from your end:

Mobile payment centers and the apps are becoming more secured for the users and nowadays app developers are introducing their app with high security that intruders have zero chance to exploit the user credentials and gets their personal data accessed. While signup and login only it's up to the user to set consolidated credentials such as setting a strong password that fraudulent can't guess it or easily traping it. The moment your account gets hacked the intruder will get full access to the credit card details. Then they would prchase and make payment pretending to be you.

So, it is highly recommended to have strong and unique passwords.


You can't neglect the fact that security issues are involved, but mobile payment is useful for users to make online purchase more effective and coveniently. So to make mobile payment more efficient developer and the mobile payment service providers should enable security features highly strong such that to gain customer trust and making users to feel confident while making online shopping and payments through the mobile.

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