Why is it essential to enable the Mobile Payment Security attribute?

The evolution of the digital channel has both advantage and disadvantage. The digital channel has given the user with several flexible options like digital money transaction, digital marketing, mobile commerce and more. While on the other hand there is more concerns about the secured money transaction via the digital device which matters a lot for your potential customers. People always expect flawless and bug free mobile app and furthermore they require a secured environment for money transaction where they spent their valuable money for purchasing the product. To attract those customers who prefer old method of money transaction through cash system, the mobile app should be developed by adding on security features. At current scenario, the entire mobile app is now being designed and developed with add-on secured features.

With enhancements being developed faster than ever in the mobile payment industry, here are some tips for keeping your customers’ data secure on mobile and making sure they understand that their digital safety matters to you.

Don't keep data longer than necessary

Most of the time customer concerns a lot about where their data may end up with. Mobile apps which are solely used for selling the business product & services require customers' personal information. If the data is being stored in the customer mobile device then it must be properly encrypted such it is not compromised by data breaches. A few years back white hat hackers were able to read the data from the customer mobile as it was a clear text. From then the mobile developers crystallized the app with strong security features and encryption is made to the stored data.

Having a Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy certification allows users to know how their data is being handled. Making sure your customers are secured with the data being accessed is half through the battle. The other half depends on how the customer feels that data is being secured.

 The following example illustrates how privacy policy values most the customers.

The Credit.com app includes a privacy policy in its menu that explains what information is collected, how third parties are involved in the use of that data and what customers can control in how that data is used.
The Spend book app, popular among budget-conscious consumers, requires users to re-input their personal login every time they use it a feature designed to further prevent the loss of personal financial information.
Use Strong Authentication

From customer or user view point their login details should be authenticated in order to prevent hacker from stealing user credential details. While authentication being the massive issue protocols is necessary to examine the valuable data being transferred is protected from vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities present the hacker with an attempt to get through sign in details without the users knowledge. The login details might be Facebook or Google login. Make sure authentication protocols are strong and monitored often for implementation flaws.
Get Customer or User Feedback

After launching app you keep in track what your potential customer feels. Get their valuable feedback and work on to further enhancement of the app.

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