How User Genearated Content Plays Vital Role in Ecommerce Business

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What is User Generated Content ?

UGC (User Generated Content) is usually the customer's valuable content they share about a product to other customers.

The benefits that UGC brings to ecommerce are manyfold. On the surface level:
UGC helps stand out in the sea of over-produced branded content
·     The creativity of UGC often surpasses that of brands with large marketing budgets
·     It helps consumer get inspired and motivates them to purchase the product.
·     It’s a powerful testimony to brand’s values and act as a strong social proof
·     It gives reassurance when it comes to risky, complex or impulse purchases.
The following statistical data tells how User Generated content (UGC)  energises Ecommerce Industry
User Generated Content started to take momentum in 2005 when user prefered social media platform to share photos , videos , reviews easily & conveniently.
By  2013, about 1.14 crore people have contributed to User Generated content.
Visual represents everything. There are about 1.8 billions of photos & videos are being uploaded & shared in the social media platform.
Around 5.4 hours per day , your valuable customers spend on the social media platform.
350 Million of photos are uploaded daily on Facebook and 80 million on Instagram, along with 432,000 hours of videos on YouTube about which most of them are content relating to the critics and praises on the product they purchased from ecommerce store.

The top world's brand products 25% of its business promotion depends on User generated content.

User generated videos on YouTube get 10 times more views than videos made by brands.

92% of customers feels word-of-mouth is better to know about the product.

70% of customers place like or comments on other customer feedback about the purchase of the product.

Customer reviews are paramount important for building strong trustliness.

Customer generated reviews makes other customers feels comfortable to know about product & services before purchasing it.

          82% of UGC extremely valuable when deciding on purchase

        Brand engagement rises by 28% , when consumers among them forms group
        and share some valuable videos , photos , reviews about the product.

        When consumer interact with user generated content conversion rate increases to

Types of UGC that Increases the Ecommerce Sale

Youtube Video

The more percentage of top and viral youtube videos are user generated content. While surpassing the brand related videos which is only around 17% while 35% of them are UGC. UGC videos such as how to tutorials , reviews , hauls and they prefer to enjoy the perspective of other customers. Since most of the users prefers to trace what other feels about the product before making an attempt to purchase it. On par  user generated content brings thousands of views and even millions . As large amount of customers like to comment , create video on basis of the perception about your brand.

How it relates with ecommerce ?  UGC videos is the best strategy for incrementing ecommerce sale than any other strategies & improvement. They fetch out richer inforamation about the product while also marks uncertainity of buying unknown products online.

While using UGC directly on the ecommerce website you allow your customers to stay on more time and that they move on to purchase the product. 

Instagram Photos

User genearated photos depicts more about the brand and product. Product based images when uploaded by user in the instagram showcase brand even better than the images reflecting directly from the website. For example cosmetic products like lipstick , face cream will get more insights when user uploads and share after wearing it. This will certainly brings more credibility to your product brand and promotion. 2.5 to 4 times it helps to increase the sale of business.

Product Reviews and Customer feedback 

Product reviews and customer feedback are prominent factor and effective strategy for the retailer for an intermittent selling of the product . You can also add customer reviews in the website which act as valid proof for other consumer to get an idea about your e-store product & services.


Pinterest also an eminent social media platform where large number of interested group pin images about their interest with the product and praises if they are well convinced with the usability of the same. UGC includes everything people needed to share via online mode . This means not only photos, videos, and reviews, but also comments, social mentions, tweets, pins. How do these types of UGC relate to ecommerce? For instance, 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to discover and buy new things. A tweet and pinterest pin coming from a regular person praising a product or a brand can be far more effective creating interest than expanding the brand through Ads on your own.
 Inference from this article is that retailer shop owners product branding or promotion or more percentage of their conversions pretty much rely on User geneated content. But that doesn't mean you must rule out the fact that on sharing your brand promotional videos , images , tweets , pins reviews & feedback.


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