The next update of iOS : iOS11 updates

Apple have recently conferenced its latest update in WWDC 2017. Apple announced the updates of iOS11 featuring its more capability ranging from new photo updates to Maps Integrations. Their new updates are set to roll out in the end of this year.

 Redesigned App Store :

Redesigned App Store giving a new way of experience in finding the new apps. Apple have added Today Tab features that helps to feed the new apps to the customers on daily basis. To make it easy for the product selling via app , a new product page with subtitles is embarked that helps to add three auto-play videos.

The new design also includes the tab at the bottom of the screen that helps user to filter apps and games. The new way of app store make it easy for the developers to perform a phased roll-out app instead of releasing once in a time.

Apple says the new App Store on your mobile devices is ‘designed for discovery’ and is a way to make app downloading exciting again.

Augmented Reality:

ARkit is giving a new way of insights to developers . Already AR have been hitting at faster pace and will continue to skyrocket in future . It gives the developers to blend the object and the information of the surrounding environment. AR is more interactive to the physical world , it is very useful for gaming and retail app.

Business Chat for Customer Services

Business promotion is the topmost priority for all business , iMessage features make it easy for the business to start the chat session instantly . After customers finding the information they searched for will directly get connected to the chat through this facility.

Through the business chat , your customers finds the best & instant way to resolve queries , issues and complete transactions using iphone , ipad , apple watch.

 Using iMessage for Money transfer
Apple Pay is expanding it's features of Money transfer Method . Once this new update is rolled out , people can be able to transfer money from friend to friend and within their family circle conveniently. You can make payment & receive payments with friends & family members instantly.

Using iMessage users can send money instantly from phone to phone with debit card or credit card already have stored in Wallet . When the payment is made , it can be received in Apple Pay in Store , Apps and on the web.

 Core NFC

Core NFC enables the developers to automatically detect NFC tag and read NDEF information. NFC app automatically reads the NFC information from the NDEF tag and pass it to the delegate. The reader session automatically starts when NFC is detected from NFC tag and passes the message to the delegate when it finds the NDEF information. Once the delegate reads the information the session becomes invalid.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Drag and Drop functionality is a new iOS11 update. This functionality allows users
select multiple items by just tapping it at once . Also it works within the app and across multiple apps.
Siri gets More Intelligent

Apple is finding the possible way to make new version of Siri Voice-Assistant. If the user is searching for one particular information . The voice-assistant siri finds the information and give it to the user. Apple also utilizes the ML(Machine Learning) to assist users with male and female voice versions of Siri while adjusting pitch , tempo while speaking.
MusicKit APIs

MusicKitAPIs in the latest update which is set to roll out will allow the Apple music store to interact with the Third-Party APIs. These API's makes users to easily download the songs , albums , play lists. From local music library the recently played music can be automatically downloaded with this new MusicKit API feature.

 New tvOS , WatchOS , & macOS

Apple has announced that many new exciting features that are to give the developers with more options of additional features in the development process.

All the above updates gives more insights for developers dishing out more functionality & features.


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